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Derived from Sinhalese, the native language of Sri Lanka, “Nissarga” means Natural.

Recognised as a teardrop shaped island, Sri Lanka is a land rich in history, and heritage, enriched with an abundance of cultural and national treasures like no other. Adding to Sri Lanka’s uniqueness is its unbelievable diversity being a tiny island. With plenty of tourist attractions, such as our golden palm fringed beaches, glorious ancient citadels and the cool misty verdant hills which are located in the centre of the island have added to its beauty and charm. Sri Lanka is truly the treasure trove of South Asia due to it’s heritage and history, in addition, it also specialses in its unique, exquisite handicrafts made using natural ecofriendly resources. .

Standing tall amongst this plethora of treasure is the unique and ubiquitous coconut tree. Our coastal belt and the coconut triangle bear ample evidence of this majestic tree, and every portion of this wonderful tree is profitably used to its core.

The coconut husk is utilized for a variety of purposes such as manufacturing fertilizer whilst the leaves are turned into ecofriendly baskets for pot plants, particularly for the export market. In addition to this, the husks are powdered and used to keep the soil moist for vegetation. The coconut shell is used in various ways to enhance our export trade and attract tourists to purchase exquisite ornaments, cutlery and crockery items and jewellery items such as necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets. In addition to this our dining tables are adorned with utility items such as cups, spoons, jugs and tea sets etc.. Expanding further the shells are also used to create Amulets and beautiful cuff links.

All such products are recognized as ecofriendly products and are used in its raw nature and would suit anyone who would enjoy and admire craftmanship with the use of natural products. Furthermore, masks and beautiful toys are produced and are on sale for both locals and international buyers. These remarkable products are a special and unique representation of Sri Lanka and we hope to make our mark in preserving the beauty in our ever-changing planet.

Nissarga was established with the intention of popularising the use of ecofriendly products globally.

In addition to using the coconut tree Nissarga also has a diverse range of products that have been created using other natural resources. One such resource is the use of Areca leaves. Considered as a member of the Palms family Areca leaves are recognised as a great natural material to make house hold items such as plates and cups. In addition to the unique appearance and being ecofriendly, these products are also known for its durability.

Nissarga which is primarily known for its products that are created using material from coconut trees is a company that uses homegrown industries and generational craftsman to create its products. All products that are created with material from the coconut tree are hand made products and every product is crafted with precision. The attention to detail of all products highlight our craftsman’s abilities and adds uniqueness to our products.

In addition to having our products we also give our customers the unique opportunity to design their own products and our craftsman will give their utmost attention in order to create a product to match customer expectations.

Let’s work together in creating a more ecofriendly environment for our future generations.

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